Baby Photoshoot: The Essential Tools You Shouldn’t Skip – Ever!

baby photoshootSetting up for a baby photoshoot, you are overwhelmed with lots of essential tools you need to make the work easy: cameras, lenses, props, pillows, backdrop stands, tripods and a lot more. In the midst of getting and compiling these things, you just might forget some other seemingly small yet, mightily important essentials you also need. Mind you, these latter essentials are “must-haves” and if you attempt to work without them, your work gets a tad more complicated. So, you need to treat these as importantly as your lenses, cameras and tripods.


First, you think about comfort (texture) and then colour. Towels can sometimes be “scratchy”. So, you want to get towels that are comfortable, can be lined inside baskets, buckets and bowls – in case you want to use them for props – and will provide adequate support and cushion for the body. The very last thing you want is a baby feeling uncomfortable.

Baby wipes

Don’t be surprised. Your clients are babies, so you need lots of baby essentials.

By the way, babies won’t ask to be excused to let out bodily fluids, posset, spit up or even vomit whenever and wherever they need to. In such situations, you want to clean up as quickly as possible and continue your shoot.


Well, they do a dirtier job but are indispensable. Remember that the baby will not warn you beforehand.

Hand sanitizer

For one, I will not take my baby to a dirty studio for a baby photoshoot. The environment should be clean, dust-free and tidy.

On the other hand, hand sanitizers are important. You will lift the baby as many times as needed, which can be after you have touched other objects, body sweat and God-knows-where. From time to time, it is hygienic to sanitize those hands. They will be working a lot.

White noise applications and machines

These devices and applications – you can download them on app stores –  can serve two functions. They can provide a calm environment for the baby and they can also draw the baby’s curiosity, which is quite fun to see. The baby should be calm and if possible, asleep throughout the duration of the shoot; a baby awake is a plus. Anyway, these applications produce soothing sounds like music, wind, ocean waves and rain harmonized with white noise. Very helpful in calming the baby.


Generally speaking, most babies won’t know what to do with most toys, though they [toys] can be a good way to keep their focus on an object. Avoid toys with sharp edges or very small toys that can be swallowed. Toys are especially useful when a toddler is joining the shoot.

Like we do at you can also ask the parents to bring along objects, special clothes or wrappers, and toys they want to include in the photograph during the baby photoshoot . Most parents will also pack a number of the things I mentioned above (baby wipes and diapers especially). Ask them to bring along the baby’s lotion: different parents have different preferences.

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How To Make The Most Out Of Baby Photos

Get a photographer who knows your style.

baby photos DublinThere are basically just 2 styles for you to choose from when you have your eyes set on setting up a baby photos Dublin session so far. You can go down the lifestyle route or the posed route. Either way, they are equally interesting and worth noting in the once the photos come out. So when you come to think of it, it all depends on what your basic or general preferences will turn out to be. The lifestyle approach is all about getting the baby photographed in a relax setting and in his usual and daily routine. The setting is usually at home or in a park or somewhere that is fairly common.

You need to prep your home for something like this in advance and you need to make sure that you get to study where the natural light sources are coming from at the same time. On the other hand, a posed style or approach is all about giving the photo session the professional treatment. It is usually held or set up in a professional photography studio and the poses are oftentimes thought about ahead of time or pre planned. If you don’t want to miss out on anything, you can go for a baby photographer who can do a little bit of both. Browse through their portfolios so that you will be able to see what they are capable of and make your decisions based off of that.

Make sure your photographer can post produce.

Out of all of the baby photos Dublin offers that you have been getting when you are looking for a photographer, what you need to take a look at as much as possible is someone’s ability to touch up the baby photos. Those magical looking photos don’t just happen and they are almost always never raw. The photographer usually has a huge hand in making things like that happen so you need to know for sure that you are bringing someone in who is more than capable to handle the job the right way.

Pick out adorable props and heirlooms.

You can pick out your props based on what you talked about with your photographer and based on any special items that you would like to include that will tell a story. Bring along items that mean something to you and to the family, be it a small piece of jewelry, a crocheted little dress or blanket, and so on and so forth. You can be as creative as you would like to be.

Have the family join in.

Don’t just section it off to baby photos alone. Include the family and make it a fun activity for everyone in the family. A baby is a new addition to your growing family and getting that documented will turn out to be well worth your while so bring in the rest of your family and turn it into something well worth your while at the end of the day.

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