How a Wedding Photographer Should Balance his Tripod

wedding photography equipmentEvery seasoned wedding photographer out there knows for a fact that knowing how to properly use a tripod is something that should technically be a part of the repertoire. If this is something that you have not mastered yet down to a T, then it is probably high time for you to get out there and to start learning about it one way or the other. The best part about this day and age is the fact that sourcing out the kind of info you need to help you improve in your craft as a wedding photographer is as easy as a few clicks of a button. It really all boils down to how willing you are to learn and to how willing you are to work on it at the end of the day. It doesn’t necessarily require you a degree in rocket science to figure this out since the use of a tripod is something that is fairly simple but it will require you to observe things a little more keenly that you usually would. You might be doing things wrong right now and you might have to unlearn and relearn a few things.

Practice placing outdoors.

The way that you place your tripod and where you place it is extremely important to the success of its usage in the first place. This can be particularly challenging if you are setting up for an outdoor shoot or if you are covering a wedding that is set outdoors. If you think that the safety of your tripod and your camera and lens might be jeopardized at some point or so, then it really isn’t worth the risk. Don’t set up a tripod in a rugged or unstable terrain. Another no-no is setting up a tripod in the beach because the legs will only sink into the sand. However, if you are absolutely adamant about the need to set up a tripod one way or the other in the sand, you should get some “snow shoes” on the legs. It’s not as fancy as it sounds. It’s just a bunch of rubber suction cups that distribute the weight of the tripod and the camera out to a wider surface area that will stop it from sinking right into the sand.

And then of course, there’s the issue of the stability.

Almost all of the tripods out there come with a spirit leveler of some kind but it is very seldom used. Even if you are a busy wedding photographer Newcastle who is chasing one shot after the next, it will not take you more than 30 seconds or so to ensure that the leveler is checked so that you are absolutely certain that your tripod is perfectly balanced. You will get to avoid a lot of accidents this way. The load of the weight needs to be right at the center of the tripod and they need to be evenly distributed out to the rest of the tripod legs as much as possible so try to keep that in mind.

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