Reminders For Brides

Spend some time with your parents.

wedding photographer cheshireThere will be a lot of things going on during the wedding but that doesn’t mean that you should forget about the things that truly matter and the people that have been with you for the most part of your life. Your parents have been around for the longest time running and they will continue to be there for you and with you for the most part of your life. You should take time to honor them and to give them the credit that they are due. Without them, you wouldn’t be around. Getting married is a momentous milestone in your life which is why you ought to also pay attention to your parents during the time of your wedding. Don’t be lost in all of the little details by allowing yourself to get a little too overwhelmed to not even notice your parents or to pay attention to them during the special day. Include them in the shot itinerary that you compose and give out to your wedding photographer Cheshire so that they don’t get drowned out among the rest of the other guests during the wedding ceremony and reception. Your parents are getting older by the day and you should give importance to them and the fact that you were fortunate enough to have them with you during the wedding.

The cake smash is trashy.

Cake smashes are for frat parties and for other similarly informal gatherings. Something as traditional and as decadent as a wedding should not have a cake smash scenario; however fun and quirky and appealing it may be to you and to your partner. It’s cute as a pre-wedding event (or not even, to be honest) but not something that you would want to say, have your wedding photographer Cheshire document. You will end up ruining your hair, your makeup, and more importantly, your dress. Plus, it helps to take note of the fact that not all of your wedding guests will want to join in on the mess even if it may be something that has the potential to be really fun and enjoyable. You are also bound to have a decadent and expensive cake ordered out from your baker. Eating the cake instead of smearing it on someone’s face is obviously the sensible choice for you and for your partner to check out.

Tell the DJ what songs you like.

Even if you do book a DJ who is skilled and who is quite popular in your area; you can never really know for sure if he somehow happens to play something that you wouldn’t want to be played during the reception. The safer option would be for you to plan out the songs or even compose the playlist with him ahead of time.


Once you have planned everything out tediously, the next thing left for you to do would be to see how things turn out. There really isn’t any reason why you have to fuss over each and every single thing while you are at it.

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