Make Your Boudoir Pictures the Best Gift Ever

boudoir photographyThere have been many people and experts advising women and brides on how boudoir photography is one thing they must get for their wedding or anniversary gift. Undoubtedly, it’s one of the most private and beautiful presents that every partner will love to get from their beautiful wife.

But, how exactly do you make it memorable? Of course, you cannot just give it to them after finishing your lunch! To make sure that you get the full effect of your boudoir pictures, these are a few things you should do.

Start with your photographer

After taking those hot pictures, next step is to print them out and put them in a special gift box. Doing it yourself will surely take time, but many boudoir photography professionals will help you with this part. They will readily print the pictures, design the album, and deliver it to you in a beautiful box.

If you are planning to make your own gift box, it’s great to check out Pinterest and the internet for great gift box ideas. Make sure that you are making it appeal to your partner! Use, for example, partner’s favorite colors, or design.

Send some teasers

The next step is to send some teaser pictures to him. Pique his interest and make him wag his tails. Teasers will just drive people nuts. “Damn, I want to see this already.”This just a small peek into the big reward later.

There are various ways to do this. You can send one the day before, or a small peek at the pictures each day before the wedding. Crop the pictures show parts that will drive the imagination wild. Your partner will definitely be happy to get these!

Wallet size teasers

Some photographers or website will help you in printing the pictures in wallet size photos. After finishing a boudoir photography session, you can print it and hide in his wallet. Other places where he frequents are also great places to spread the love.

Present everything in a TV

When you and your husband arrive at home, he’ll be surprised in delight to see a row of amazing pictures of his significant one. Have the slideshow shows on the screen slowly. The point is to not rush things because that’s probably what everyone’s thinking!

And while he enjoys the slideshow, leave him alone to enjoy it as you get ready for the big night.

Set the mood

Once the pictures viewing is over, walk over to your partner in the very clothes you wore. This also means that, yes, you need to bring your own lingerie, underwear, and everything that you have to the photo shoot session.

He’ll love it!

To be honest, no matter how you gave it (unless in an embarrassing location), he will love it. Yup! Even if you give it in the middle of the day, he’s still going to love it to death, so don’t worry too much! Boudoir pictures show the very best side of your body and physical appearance. Just confidently stroll in after you let him indulge in the pictures to enjoy the main dish afterward.

The idea is to get creative and do something that probably only you and your partner knows or shares!

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