All About Portrait Photography

portrait photographers in ChicagoPortrait photography is one of the most common types of photography; it is most times called “Portraiture.” It is the art of taking a shot of the subject in which the only the facial features are made predominant.

Portrait photographers in Chicago main aim are to focus on the subjects facial features and this is the main feature of the photograph. This does not mean the person’s body will not be shown in the picture, there are still added to the photo, but the main emphasis is on the subject’s face and also the facial expression of the subject.

One of the most predominant misunderstandings about taking portrait pictures is that it is but a picture of a person. This is not true. In portraiture, still images of a person are captured. This means that the portrait photographer will fine-tune the subject and the subject will have a precise position and angle.

Most times, portraiture includes the subject to look directly into the camera.

In the past years, all subjects usually are to look directly at the portrait photographer’s lens. These days, however, portrait photographer are now flexible and they experiment. There are so many portrait pictures out there that the subject doesn’t look directly at the camera’s lens; some of them also have good angles and this makes portraiture more fascinating today. Also, these latest styles in portraiture are solely based on the photographer’s tips and what the choice of the subject.

Unlike other forms of photography, the subjects in portraiture normal people such as kids, business men, fathers, mothers, etc. It does not require professional models to be as the subject.

When it comes portraiture, there are no rules when taking photo shoots; this is what makes this aspect of photography every easy and the same time very difficult to practice. It is very easy because anyone with a nice camera can take beautiful portrait and there are no boundaries. It is difficult because when a professional portrait to be taken, it needs the services of an expert.

In portraiture, there are 4 approaches to consider which are:

  • The constructionist
  • The candid approach
  • The environmental approach
  • The creative approach

The constructionist approach has to do with the portrait photographer building “ambiance” for the entire look the portrait. For example, the photographer would develop ideas around the portrait-smiling, happy family with the consent of the subject involved in the shoot.

The environmental approach portrays the subject in their environment. For example, a portrait picture of a subject can be taken in the office or his working place with the photo of his home as his background

The candid approach is where the photoshoots of the subject are taken without his or her knowledge. The subject doesn’t know when he his taken and this means he doesn’t look to the camera before photos of him are taken

Lastly is the creative approach; It involves the addition of digital manipulations. The result of the portrait photo is usually intriguing, attractive, and appealing when it is viewed.

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Things To Know About Portrait Photography

Over exposure can be your best friend in portrait photography.

portrait photographyAlthough this may seem like a bit of a stretch, the truth of the matter is that the best kind of technique in really pulling portrait photography through, over exposure is actually the best way to go in portrait photography. Making sure that the images are a little brighter than usual is something that can really make the portrait come out  far better than how it would normally look like in any other normal kind of lighting. Like this Liverpool photographer, play around with your lighting but more than that, make sure that you are able to more or less over illuminate the set so that you can make the portrait really come out the right way at the end of the day.

Take quirky photos in your portrait photography shoot.

There is no one right way in shooting a portrait. If you want things to come out original and unique, you need to be willing to play around with certain concepts and even keep things interesting by banking on the unique not so every day stuff and elements that you can bring into the process. People will have so much more fun than usual during your portrait photography shoot and more than that, you will get to have really interesting images in the end. although you may already have some poses planned, don’t completely rule out what your subjects may think about in the spur of the moment because they might just bring in that spice that you are looking to get.

Stop people from doing the wave and smile routine in portrait photography.

The wave and smile routine is not something that you would want to do. It is what is being ordinarily done and it is something that can more or less make your portraits look common and even amateur at times. You don’t want to aim for that. You should go out of your way to really make your portraits look good and having people wave and smile will make the audience feel as if you just happened to pass by and someone said high and you were luckily able to take a photo of the moment as it breezed by. A portrait is something that should have all of the right elements in all of the right places. More often than not, the camera needs to be stock still and all of the important variables included as much as possible.

Go through the motions of really whitening the teeth through editing if you want your portrait photography to really come through.

Teeth really can make quite a difference in the portraits that you take so make sure that you are more or less able to keep that into consideration. Learn a thing or two about Photoshop. You need to make teeth whiter than they normally are to make the portrait a little more appealing than normal. Teeth will always tend to look good when they are well maintained and relying on some artificial editing every now and then really couldn’t hurt all that much.

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