The Role of the Wedding Photographer Bristol on the Big Day

wedding photographer BristolNo one ever knows what goes through the mind of a wedding photographer Bristol when they are giving the job of covering a wedding. For some, they can show outwardly excitement as this is their chance to show off their creativity and possible get new clients. For others, it is just one of many weddings in their career history.

Regardless of the approach taken by the wedding photographer be it excitement, apprehension or nonchalance, one thing is certain and that is they will have to deliver. The wedding photographer Bristol who has been in the industry for a while will have no problem. Having garnered experience over the years on what to expect in a wedding gives him a better chance of predicting what to expect.

Everything from the equipment to the type of shot list the couple expects and knowing how to arrange it are things he has done before. The more experienced the wedding photographer is, the higher the chances of success in taking the wedding pictures.

So as a couple wondering what the wedding photographer is likely to get up to on your wedding day, the following is a brief overview:

  • Once the wedding photographer Bristol arrives, the first thing photographed would be the outdoor venue. Then he or she goes indoors to get pictures of the decorations put in place.
  • Then the photographer begins to adjust his camera’s settings to make sure that everything is in the right place and the sounds or features of the camera are in no way distracting. Especially when the wedding begins as you do not want to start hearing shutter sounds or see abnormal flashes of light when you ought to be concentrating on your vows.
  • The photographer also scouts the wedding venue taking note of the indoor lighting at the reception hall or church. If the lighting is poor, you might see them exchanging their normal camera lens for a fast lens.
  • For an outdoor wedding, the photographer might not have need to worry about the strength of the light as the rays of the sun are usually sufficient. However, the photographer might be looking for shade and ways to filter the light of the sun that can be harsh.
  • Most places of worship like churches and mosques have restricted access. It is advised that you let the photographer know the areas they can enter and those that are off limits. This is because the photographers like getting familiar with a new location and like to check out spots that could be camera worthy or make a difference in the pictures taken.
  • The photographer might also want to go over the shot list with you one last time before the wedding commences. Or you may have them arrive early at the venue to capture some pre-wedding pictures.

The entire above mentioned are what you should expect your wedding photographer to do before the wedding procession begins. To find out more about photography services that can be expected, visit

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