Wedding Photography Advice From the Pros

Backup pictures

wedding photographyAlways make sure that you are able to backup the pictures that you take during the wedding photography shoot. This is so that you will not end up losing any image files in the process. You need to remind yourself that you have worked hard for these files and that you can’t really afford to lose them. When you come to think about it, the wedding photography shoot will only happen once. Once the moments have passed, they are gone forever. The pictures that you take are the only things that the bride and groom are relying on to remember those moments by. If you lose your images because you didn’t back them up enough, you will not only fail yourself as a supposed expert in wedding photography, you will also fail your clients you are relying heavily on you and who put their trust and confidence in your skills and in your reliability and capabilities in wedding photography. Don’t put yourself or anyone down in the process. Invest in a couple or so of high quality external hard drives and back your files up as you go along. Store them in two different places so that if something should happen to one, you will always more or less have another one safely stored and ready for you to pull out anytime.

Set up an efficient work flow

Work on setting up an efficient work flow that is fine tuned according to how you work in wedding photography. Coming up with a great work flow is not a one size fits all kind of thing. What may work for other wedding photographers out there may not exactly work for you. Figure out a way of systematizing how you do things and try to go with that, to begin with. You will eventually have a pretty nice sequence of tasks that will more or less make your post shoot editing process so much shorter and basically so much faster than just having to “wing it” whenever you are done with the quirky wedding photography shoot. Things like work flows and the like are things that you simply cannot afford to leave up to chance when it all comes down to it. Do you prefer to do things chronologically or alphabetically? What kind of software are you more comfortable with? How do you feel about scheduling your tasks?

Pay attention

Things like these matter a lot when it comes to the establishment of your work flow on wedding photography so pay close attention to how you perceive and react to things and to tasks and try to build something that will get you to produce the most up to your maximum potential. There is a lot of editing software programs out there. Two of the best ones out in the market today are Aperture and Lightroom. These programs allow you to edit huge batches of images or pictures at a certain time. You don’t have to load stuff up one by one unlike Photoshop, so that is one thing that you should seriously consider, among many others.

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Indian Wedding Photography

wedding photography tipsIndian wedding photography is a difficult topic to broach in such a way wherein you might find yourself struggling pulling something like this off especially if you are not all that familiar with the culture and with the practices that come along with it just yet. This does not mean that you should let this stop you from being able to get a professional job done though. You can always find your way around it for as long as you have every intent to do so.

Talk to the couple

Ask them if there is anything that you should make yourself aware of anything that you should observe during your coverage of the Indian wedding photography shoot. More often than not, they will give you anything and everything that you will have to work with at the end of the day and this is something that will get to pull you through one way or the other. Really take the time to sit down with the couple jus so that you will be able to really clearly map out what you are supposed to do and how you are supposed to manage yourself during the actual wedding celebration.

Plan shots

You should have a pretty good ratio of the planned shots against the candid shots. It should be a pretty good balance between the two. If you go for anything a little too far on either side of the spectrum and you end up with something that might be a little too much for the tastes of your clients. What you would want to do is to aim for a certain kind of balance between choreographed or posed shots and spontaneous shots. It will lend a more authentic vibe to the whole thing and something that can really make your photos come out as well put together as you would like them to be when it all comes down to it.

Get a wedding coordinator

You can almost always expect the couple and the bride in particular to be more or less a little more unavailable than you would like them to be during the wedding event. You might have some questions or things that you would need to sign off on in the middle of the Indian wedding photography shoot and they will not be there to cater to you and to your concerns. You should get a wedding coordinator ahead of time to help things move along a little smoother than usual for you. This person will serve as some sort of liaison between you and the clients. This person needs to be a key player in the wedding celebration, someone who will be able to make decisions for them in their absence. Get to know this person ahead of time and do your best to more or less establish some kind of a connection and a good working relationship with them at some point or so.

Know the sequence

You need to know what the sequence is and how the process of the entire thing will turn out. Talk to the facilitators of the wedding and figure out how things will pan out so that this is something that you can prepare for well ahead of time.

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