The Biggest Tricks In Wedding Photography

Live in the moment

wedding photographyIf you want the best kinds of images for your wedding photography, then you should always stay alert as much as possible. The only way for you to be able to come up with natural looking pictures is for you to let things happen naturally in the first place and that is something that you should keep in mind all of the time. The best kinds of moments out there are those that are unplanned in any way, shape or form. You will just really need to make sure that you are able to cue in on the verbal and non verbal indicators of great moments as they happen during the wedding. You will need a little more practice and a little more time on making this happen but what you can be quite rest assured of is that you will more or less really get the hang of things the longer that you are able to work on it. Practice as much as you can and things will get better and better when it all comes down to it.

Get some sticky tape for any hemming accidents during your wedding photography shoot.

There will be an awful lot of times wherein the wedding tailors will end up messing up the hemming job. It can be anything to everything from dresses to trousers and this can really affect your wedding photo shoot. You need to make sure that you are able to come in prepared all of the time. Bring a roll of sticky tape along during your wedding photo shoots and this will really get to put your mind at ease all the more. Go for an industrial grade type of sticky tape because this will give your hemming quick fix a better chance of holding up one way or the other.

Have the couple appoint a proxy to make decisions for them if they won’t be there to answer you during the wedding photography shoot.

As much as you would like the bride to be available to answer to all of your concerns all throughout the wedding photo shoot, the truth of the matter is that she won’t always be there. The wedding is all about her, after all. You will need someone else other than the bride whom you can consult with and have sign offs with during the wedding. Get her to appoint a proxy and get to know that person ahead of time to make sure that you get to have a smooth working relationship with him or her.

The couple’s shoot should be scheduled on a completely different day.

You cant get all of it done on the same day. It’s something that takes up too much time and too much work and you should have enough foresight to really prepare for that well ahead of time. Talk to the couple and have them set things up on a different day and it should make things so much easier and help put your mind at ease during the actual wedding day knowing that you have gotten those other shoots well and out of the way.

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How to Start Off With Wedding Photography

weddingDo not show up at the wedding photography shoot empty handed.

Bring a few props along. The wedding day is a very busy day. Once you come in, you will not really have much in the way of things in coming out in case you did not pack something you needed. You will not have enough time for you to get everything you need once you get to the wedding venue. One of the things that you can bank on that will always pull you through the day would have to be props that you bring along with you during your wedding photo shoot. A few props here and there could never hurt and might actually help you out a lot. You will need a decorative hanger that photographs well. You will be able to use this for when you are showcasing the bridal dress before it will be put on by the bride. You will need a large empty frame that the couple and the rest of the other wedding guests can play around with. There are a lot of props that you can bring in. there is always something new in craft sites like Pinterest and the like.

Get acquainted with your camera like the back of your hand.

You do not have time to mess around with wedding photography. You have all the time in the world to get some kind of technical background about your camera. Do your best to get through with that during your downtime. You will not have the same kind of free time to figure things out while you are in the middle of a wedding photo shoot so it will save you a lot of time if you do not end up having to fumble over the settings and the modes because you did not figure it out to begin with when you had the chance.

Attend the rehearsal no matter what happens.

This will serve as your dry run for the main wedding photography event. The rehearsal is a one-time deal that you should never pass up. It is the perfect opportunity for you to be able to get acquainted with the main people involved in the wedding party and ceremony. Anyone and everyone who matters are usually in the rehearsal dinner or party so this is your chance to get them to know you and to make them comfortable enough to not mind being photographed by you. This will make your photos so much better once the actual event is under way.

Talk to the bridesmaids.

Give them some pointers on how they should pose for the pictures when they march down the aisle. Bridesmaids are pretty aware of what they will have to do already but it still helps a lot if they get some kind of reminder. Talk to them and walk them through on how the whole thing will go down. They need to know the sequence, the timing, and so on but more importantly, they will not to know how to carry themselves in the process.

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Fast Wedding Photography Tricks

wedding photographerTry to back up a bit and keep your distance if you want to get great looking pictures.

Wedding photography is all about learning how to get out of the way when it is most crucial. There will be a lot of moments during the wedding wherein your presence will not always be appreciated if you are a little too visible. Learn how to identify when these moments are. More often than not, wedding photographers are not allowed to use flash or be right next to the altar during the solemn wedding ceremony. There will also be other moments during the wedding wherein you will have to stay back a little from the people you are photographing so that you can draw out really natural looking facial expressions. Try to take note of this rule of thumb. Whenever you start seeing disinterested facial expressions on the people that you are taking photos of, keep a good enough distance from them and you will start to see their expressions change.

Key players

Ask the couple who booked you for the wedding photography gig if there is any way they can get you in touch with a key player in their wedding; like maybe a maid of honor or the best man, or even the wedding planner if they hired one. The couple will not be all too available to answer any of your concerns or questions during the wedding. You have to remember the fact that the wedding is all about them. They may not always be as available as you would like them to be. Ask the couple for a contact person that you can get in touch with. This person will need to be a key player during the wedding. He will need to know enough about the wedding to actually make some decisions on the spot if he needs to.

You will come across some problems when it comes to taking pictures of the wedding dress.

You will need to get a handle on that one way or the other if you do not want to end up disappointing the bride with unappealing photos of the said dress. The wedding dress may be a bit problematic to take pictures of because the camera sees it differently. It tends to see a bright spot where the wedding dress is. The camera will try to automatically adjust it making it look like it is being dulled out. It will not look pretty for the pictures and the bride will end becoming very disappointed with the outcome. Fix this problem easily through some positive exposure compensation.

Work on getting yourself a second camera no matter what happens.

You will need it as insurance for your wedding photography shoot. If your camera breaks down in the middle of you covering a wedding photography event and you do not have a spare one to cover up for it, you end up ruining the entire wedding photography gig for your clients. Borrow or lease one out until you can afford to buy one.

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