How A Wedding Photography Should Blog

Announce your new wedding photography blog post on social media

wedding photographerSocial media is one of the most effective ways for you to blast out any updates or new entries about your wedding photography blog. Make sure that you use it accordingly. Social media is powerful and it can really bring you and your business to a whole new level. You can reach out to different people and different client bases from different walks of life and even crossing geographic locations and all of these are possible through the power of the internet. Schedule your social media posts on set days of the week, something that your audience will be able to follow with little effort. They need a constant stream of info to make them feel as if they are updated all of the time. The more you are able to get some kind of audience for your wedding photography business, the more potential clients you will be able to line up.

Get a vendor list together to help boost your wedding photography blog

Networking is one of the most important skills you could ever get to learn and something that you should exploit as much as possible. Go around during the wedding and talk the rest of the other service providers. Introduce yourself and give them your business cards. You should also collect their business cards in return and make sure that you are able to catalogue those information. You will need all of their info for your vendor list. List down the business names of all of the service vendors and have the live links right beside those names. This is something that a lot of businesses will really be able to appreciate at the end of the day. You will be surprised how a lot of them will be more than happy to return the favor and feature you in their blogs as well.

Tag your images even if it takes time

Every wedding photographer hertfordshire should have the patience to tag his images. If you want Google to be able to catalogue your images properly, then go through the motions of really tagging the images one way or the other. Keep the tags short and pretty much straight to the point. It takes a lot of time and effort but you will see that all of your hard work and efforts will really get to pay off in the long run. When you tag your images, Google will find a way to make it easy for people who run similar searches to match up with that you are trying to put in your images. Invest the time in it and it will work for you and for what you are trying to do.

Be careful with the way that you lay out your images

The image layout needs to be efficient and flowy. You cannot afford to have it bore your audience out so be careful with how you get to set things up. Read up on other wedding photography blogs and magazines and try to see how they do things.

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