Things to Bear in Mind Before Selecting a Cornwall Wedding Venue

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Los Angeles wedding photographerIn the business world, location is viewed as something that must be strategic as it can make or break a business. For the sake of business, that is true but for you personally, the venue of your Cornwall wedding is not about business. It is about creating memories as well as celebrating the lifetime commitment of two individuals to one another. As a result, the following are factors you need to consider when choosing a location:

Plan ahead

If you adamant about having your wedding take place in one of the hotspots in Cornwall, then it is important that you book early as these places can filled up really early. In Cornwall, there are top wedding locations that have their prime wedding dates filled for almost 2 years. These wedding locations also demand a set deposit so as to tie down the spot. So when considering the venue, two things must be ready book early and have enough money to pay a deposit.

Consider the needs of the support crew

A wedding cannot function smoothly without the aid of a support crew like your wedding caterer, wedding photographer and even your wedding party consisting of your aunt and friends. If your family members are going to be decorating the wedding venue or reception hall on your behalf, you need to make sure there are arrangements in place for them to gain access. Check out for insights on what your wedding photographer needs prior to your wedding.

The type of wedding location

When selecting a Cornwall venue, you should have the theme you are aiming for at the back of your mind as you do not want to end up with a location that does not reflect the essence of the wedding celebrations. If you happen to be an active member of the community, then this can be simply making a trip to the local place of worship. If you are an outdoors enthusiast, then a park or ranch may be well suited to your needs. If you want your wedding celebration to be on-going till the early hours of the morning, a hotel ballroom is the appropriate location.


Having to consider the calendar when booking the location has nothing to do with booking a venue rather; its aim lies in setting a date for the wedding that works well with the important members of your wedding party. Also, the calendar helps you decide the type of flowers you can expect to grace your wedding celebration due to the fact that in Cornwall, different flowers have specific times in which they bloom. If a wedding is planned during the festive season, and the location is a church or public building, decorations might not be a thing of worry as these places are often decorated.


Certain locations impose restrictions by default or intentionally. For example, a park serves as a great wedding location but it might not provide conveniences like a power outlet for your DJ or band to set up. Churches can also have restrictions on the type of music you get to play.

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