Wedding Photography 101

Wedding photography shoots are usually quite long.

wedding photographySome of them last for up to five hours or more on average. You need to really prepare yourself and everything else that you are bringing into the photo shoot by conditioning yourself both physically and mentally, preparing all of the right gear that you could ever need by dressing comfortably as well. Most of the photographers new to wedding photography at times find it difficult trying to figure out where to draw the line between comfort and the constant need to look good when they are attending photo shoots. You shouldn’t have to end up choosing all of the time especially when it comes to footwear. The reason why wedding photography can charge so much out to clients at the end of the day is because it is something that constantly requires the essex wedding photographer to move around all of the time and to be able to do it fast. You will need to make sure that you wear shoes that will not impede your movements.

You need shoes that both look good and feel good on your feet all at the same time.

So the next moment that you get the urge to reach out for the most expensive but extremely uncomfortable pair of shoes in your closet in your desire to look good while covering a wedding photography shoot, think again and think long and hard. Think about the how your feet will feel like during the wedding photography shoot and at the end of the day. It should be more than enough motivation for you to make sure that you get to really think well when it boils down to choices such as these. Always start things out with the end in mind all of the time. This is the easiest way to go whenever you are caught in a decision making pickle.

A challenging aspect in wedding photography is in managing people at times.

There will be moments during the wedding photography shoot wherein you will be required to really step up and speak out. You should keep an eye out for the people who will try to take their own photos from their cameras or smart phones during your wedding photography shoot. This can really ruin or delay your shoot. On the flip side, you can’t deny them the right to document the wedding in their own little way, either.  What you can do to balance things out is that you can give them a few minutes in between your takes or before you move on to your next angle or shift to a different lens to take their own photos during those in-between moments. This will more or less give them the notion that they should only proceed to take their own photos once you are able to signal them that they can do so. Be polite and friendly but maintain an air of authority. You will need to make sure that you are able to run a tight ship if you want to stick to a certain schedule all throughout the wedding photography shoot.

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