6 Dos of Professional Wedding Photographers

wedding photography LancashireEvery once in a while, you’ll come across articles that talk about what one should not do as a photographer. But there’s so few that tells you what you should do! That’s the whole point of this article: to tell you things that you should have done since the dawn of photography business.

1. Ask your client questions

Obviously, don’t bombard them with useless questions. But, at least show that you care about them and that you’d like to know more about them. Things that you think will help you understand their personality, their vision, and their love.

2. Accept offers without compromising quality

What is meant is that you should not accept jobs that might compromise your focus and concentration. This includes doing a limited number of wedding photography Lancashire within a time frame, does not overwork yourself, and remain exclusive.

There are too many photographers that fell to the temptation of doing more than they can handle. That just went bad when clients saw that their wedding pictures did not turn out as good as they have expected.

3. Pay attention to your social skills

Many photographers generally don’t talk much with their clients because they were never the type that could just chit-chat with anyone. Some prefer to stay that way even after they have work for quite a while. Some even argue that they could work just as well without having to spend time getting to know their clients.

Well, the fact is that there’s a huge difference between a photographer that does well with befriending their clients and those that don’t. For example, is it not awkward to have someone you don’t know suddenly take pictures of you? That’s how the clients and family members must have felt, although they realize you were hired to do that.

4. Visit the venue

Make that extra trip to visit the venue. You might not be as experienced as others and if you’ve never been to the same venue, don’t gamble. Learn about the place when you can. Find out famous spots for pictures and spots that no others have tried. Rehearse yourself regarding how the ceremony and reception will go on. Note the places where you should position yourself.

5. Attend the rehearsal

This is another alternative and you won’t have to make another extra trip to the venue anymore. If your client is inviting you to the rehearsal, accept it. Attend and make friends. Get to know the family, friends, colleagues, and people whose pictures you’ll take on the wedding day. Introducing yourself will lessen the awkwardness and allow them to express themselves better.

Don’t be like those photographers who tell that they did not need to attend to still do their job great. What will you do if you improve the overall results of your performance for your clients just by spending an extra night with your clients?

6. Buy new gears

Things get better. And with that, customers will also expect your pictures to get better as time goes by. New cameras are being launched with the better mode, better settings, and better lenses. Invest in new gears that you need and you know will improve your wedding photography Lancashire quality significantly.

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