Reasons to have a Pair of Husband and Wife as Your Wedding Photographers

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If you are right now in a process of choosing your photographers, chances are you’re in a dilemma with so many advice and suggestions to listen to. But, here we are, providing you suggestions and reasons why this excels the others!

When you hire wedding photographers here are a few things to know why husband and wife photographers like Anna Zofka Photography, a wedding photographer Norfolk who works with his wife, is a better choice.

Extra pair of eyes and hand

No matter how professional your photographer is, he or she cannot be in two places at once. You will always have to give up one thing when you need your photographer to shoot something else. During your dress-up time, for example, a pair of photographers will give you a peace of mind to know that only a female photographer will shoot the bride. On the other hand, the other male photographer can shoot the groom.

Another occasion, such as during formal group shots, your photographer will have to spend up to a few hours trying to get the mandatory pictures. During this time, the party still goes on and lots of precious moments can be missed! If you have two photographers at hand, one can do the formal shoot while the other can still capture the party mood.

Different perceptions

They say that guys and girls see things differently. As a matter fact, all of us see things differently. What an extra photographer can offer is priceless moments and different view of the same amazing spontaneous reactions.

This different perception gives you the chance to look at your wedding party with multiple eyes. How did that toast look from the back as well as the front of the hall? I was spending so much time joking with my best friend that I didn’t get to see when my uncle started moving on the dance floors! This reason alone is enough to have more than one photographer for your wedding!

More pictures

When one photographer can shoot 500 to 1,000 pictures of each wedding, you can imagine how many will two photographers produce! Not only that you’ll get more pictures in your USD drive, you also get to choose a lot from them! Printing out several pictures that you find amazing from a different point of view will sure make a great addition to your album.

Been through the same

What’s more reassuring than knowing that your wedding vendors been the same place? They know exactly what couples are worried about. More importantly, they care about how to make this very special day truly lives up to your expectations. And not only because they’ve been to a lot, but because they’ve been there themselves, giving them the experience to advise you!

Mostly because they know what their clients are probably feeling and can immediately hit up a conversation with you. Why is this important? Because you’ll be with them for a whole day (or two if you wish!) and you need to be comfortable with their existence. This is also the reason why the previously mentioned wedding photographer Norfolk became the winner of various awards!

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